Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yes, I'm blogging as well

So this is my first step into the world of blogging. It is always hard to start something like this, especially when you're actually thinking that this will be more or less a daily thing. So why don't I start with telling a bit about myself.

Well I'm Iwan and live in the Netherlands, so that is where the words will come from. I'm married to the loveliest wife in the world, and we have a great son, Jay. Another kid is on its way. I'm betting its going to be another son, but my wife wants it to be a daughter... I'll let you know, once we know.
I'm self employed, actually I'm one of the two directors of IT Titans BV, a privately owned company. We're in IT and I contract as Enterprise Application and Integration Architect and IT Architecture auditor. Currently my business partner and I are setting up a partnership with two other privately held companies called jForay. That should be finalized 1st of October. And then there is more, I'm working with 3 friends on setting up a games company that specializes in developing games for mobile phones. The company is called Sticktail Games and hopefully we're publishing our 1st three games soon on our website. These won't be state of the art games, but mere study-projects.
Anyway, that is more or less who I am in a nuttshel... which for now also means the end of this blog entry.

Hope to see you back real soon.


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