Friday, December 22, 2006

It's been a while, but no news is good news...

Yes, it has been a while since my last blog. I just checked and that was last month. Weird how fast time goes by. To be honest, I consider myself fortunate with this realization since it means that Olcay's progress in getting rid of that hernia was not very eventful. And it was, well somehow. Her progress has been very eventful especially in the last week. She's now walking more and more, and since yesterday she's cutting down on the morphine.
Yesterday we went to the neurologist and everything was really good under the circumstances. Two weeks earlier we were at the hospital for a check-up on the baby and everything was really fine with it. That day she had to be taken by ambulance, yesterday we went by car. Our own car. I was driving... cautiously. So yes, things are getting better by the day.

So what else happened? Not too much. Sinterklaas obviously, the Dutch version of Santa Clause, and I've been told that Santa Clause is actually Sinterklaas, but since the English couldn't pronounce Sinterklaas, they turned it into Santa Clause and relocated him to the North Pole although he was living in Spain, where he migrated to from Turkey. Kind of cruel to relocate somebody from hot Spain to cold North Pole, but in those days people were cruel. And probably since the travel from the North Pole to everywhere takes more time he hands out gifts around X-mas instead of December 5th.
Anyway, gift season has started, lovely tradition, and coming weekend is X-mas time, meaning more gifts... more hapiness.


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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Home Sweet Olcay Home (Extended)


As promised a more detailed story regarding what's going on since last Thursday.

Well last Thursday Jay and I went for a swim and that was great. We had a lot of fun, and for the first time since Olcay's been 'ill' Jay was okay with joining swimming class. At the end we went for the big water slide, but that turned out to be not too much fun. For some reason Jay doesn't like the slide. My idea about this is that at one point several months ago, we went for that slide when Jay was very tired, and he didn't enjoy it. Ever since he remembers not liking it, and thus he doesn't like that slide. It's not the height, since we went on far higher slides at the Avifauna play-park. Anyway, Thursday afternoon was supposed to be fun as well, going to get Jay a haircut and visit Olcay in the hospital. But we got a call from Olcay, telling us that she was being kicked out of the hospital.
Due to a lack of beds and too much operations on Friday, she was going to be transferred to the Neurology dept. but they didn't want her around, since patients with a hernia are supposed to recover at home. So far for hospitality.
So Friday morning we were going to pick her up but travel proved to be a challenge. The nurses took care of that and the ambulance was taking her. In the afternoon Olcay's dad went to get the morphine and other painkillers and that was it. 'Neighborhood nursing' were going to take care of her, injecting morphine twice a day, with an option for a third shot.
Friday night it turned out that the pharmacy had made a mistake and instead of 9 shots of morphine we only got 6. No problem since we were going for 2 a day and 3 x 2 = 6.
But Saturday it became evident that we had to switch to 3 shots. The nurse that helped us Saturday called the weekend-pharmacy and I was going to pick up an additional set of 3 shots on Sunday and we went for the 3 shots a day routine. Saturday night I administered my first shot of morphine to Olcay and everything went really well. Supposedly it was either beginner's luck or I'm a natural. Ever since the shots are going fine, so I guess I'm a natural .
Everymorning now, at 6 o'clock, I am giving Olcay a shot, and at 1400 and 2200 a nurse is coming over to shoot the remaining morphine.
This makes the pain bearable for Olcay and she can start recovering... although I think that it'll last until she gives birth.

So that's the extended version of yesterday's blog.


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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Home Sweet Olcay Home


Here's just a quick bloggy for today. It has been a while, but I'm a bit tired, so I'm gonna keep it short.

Last Friday Olcay came home from the hospital. She was more or less forced to come home, but more on that later in a blog. She's now at home and still gets morphine. Three shots a day, and at least one of them I administer. Quite possibly that will be two. And although I've just begun, I'm doing pretty well in the needle department.

Well that's it for today, next time more later on.


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Are things getting better, or is it just another twisted joke off faith?

Today I got a very cheerful Olcay on the phone, she'd had a great night of sleep and was feeling very good. The new and bigger band aid was working it seems. The general idea now is that it keeps on working like a charm and to be sure of that, she's got to stay in the hospital for a few more days, by the end of the week she's probably coming home... if things workout well.

Meanwhile Jay was examined today for his 18 months check-up (a normal affair in the Netherlands) and all was fine. He's 11.3 Kg and 83 cm tall. Both numbers are estimates, since he wasn't too happy being measured, crying like a baby. But the rest of the checkup was going very well. He was cheerful and playful. I think he's bouncing back from the set backs we experienced lately. The week at my parents definitely helped.

So what else? Not much, I fixed a little bug in the drawing routines of IFF, our mobile game. It's shaping up nicely. And tonight, I think, I will be working on some additional functionality. I'm not sure whether or not we're on track for the big event in March next year, but it definitely is a lot of fun.

That's it for today,


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Monday, November 20, 2006

Let's stack all disappointments and reach for the moon

This weekend was supposed to be Olcay's last weekend in the hospital. It turned out to be something completely different.
Last Friday they started with a new treatment of her pain, using band aids. Initially the idea was that she would be home sometime this week. 'Home Care' was going to deliver a hospital bed. Even better, Friday late afternoon she was supposed to be home on Monday, so Home Care was called again and today they deliver all the goods. Meanwhile the morphine patches are not quite doing what everybody thought they would, so Olcay was in a great deal of pain Sunday night again. Yesterday morning she was back on morphine shots and she stays on them for the foreseeable future.
Something for the positive side of this blog. Jay's back home. He's had a great time at my parents, and he was really happy to see Olcay and me again, yesterday.

Something completely different: This weekend I received Gears of War for my Xbox 360, and gee, is this a great game. Looks really astonishing, sound's superb and the overall atmosphere is really gripping you at the throat. Interesting is the fact that it is a shooter, but you just can't barge in and start blamming away. Nope, you have to use tactics to survive. It's almost a crossover of Halo and Splinter Cell.


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Monday, November 13, 2006

A light at the end of the tunnel? Guess I still have a long way to go :(

Things are not getting really brighter in my family. As you know Olcay is in the hospital for about a week now, and since yesterday they've increased the dose of morphine as she's still in a lot of pain and still didn't get a really good night of sleep. This is truly mind-killing. Since 3 weeks she didn't get a full night of sleep, which is bad, really bad, considering the fact that she needs at least 8 hours and now with the pregnancy 10 hours of sleep a night.
Today she got here MRI, which introduced her to the feeling of claustrophobia. I saw once on a TV show that many people that have an MRI get claustrophobic inside the scanner. I can't imagine how that feels, but Olcay was scared big time. Tomorrow we should get the results, and quite possibly it is going to be the case that she's going to get operated. I'm not sure whether or not to be thrilled, but as long as she's going to be okay after that, and the baby is doing fine, I guess I'm okay with it.
For you to know; the baby is doing great. His big brother on the other hand is ill. Running a fever of 39.3 Celcius he's not doing too well. Thankfully the Paracetamol I'm giving him is doing a great job, and he's getting also some nasal-drops. Hopefully he'll be okay soon. Seeing him like this (when the Paracetamol didn't kick in yet) is sooo bad. He's always such a happy little fella and now he just sits with you on the couch watching TV. Trying desparately to keep his eyes open.
Tomorrow my parents will pick him up and he'll spend some nights at their place. Hopefully that will also take his mind of mommy, who he still misses a lot. He asks for her at least once every minute, and it pains me to have to repeat that she's not here, but in the hospital. He just doesn't understand.

So how about me? Well I'm recharging. The in-laws are back since yesterday night, to take care of Jay, while I'm at work. Having them around helps a lot getting some relaxation-time. But I think I'm on 70% recharge now, and it won't be a lot more the next few weeks.
Interestingly enough, I realized tonight how much time people are wasting sleeping. Nowadays I go to bed at around 10:30 PM, not uncommon for many of you, but I'm loosing out on at least 2 and a half hours a day.


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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday is daddy-day, especially nowadays


Today I spend the whole day with Jay, I left him for my in-laws to be taken to bed, while I was with Olcay in the hospital. She'd had a bad night last night, but tonight was good again.
Coming Monday 14:30 (or 13:30) the MRI is planned, so about a week later we should know more details regarding what the heck is actually going on. Considering that there was only a regular opening at November 29th for the MRI, this is a case of good luck. And on that note, the baby is doing well. Growing as can be expected for a 24 week baby, so that was great to hear. Things seem to be progressing, although I have to add that about a week ago, we were in that same state of mind.
Jay is doing better, still missing his mommy big time, but he's the cheerful little guy we all know and love. We had a great time at the swimming pool today, although he didn't want to join the class. Clung to me every second while we were trying to do the little dances and singing. But after we left the class and started playing around ourselves, it was great. He can now 'dive' into the water. And loves it when I throw him away. This afternoon we went for a bicycle-ride for about 2 hours and after that I prepared dinner. Which he didn't eat. I guess he's gotten used to the Turkish food Olcay's mother prepared for the last couple of weeks.
It's just great to see and hear him laugh again.

That's it for today.


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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Olcay's admitted to the hospital, things are rough at the moment

It has been a while since my last couple of words from the Netherlands. A lot has happened. Most importantly and with a shitload of impact on our family life is the fact that Olcay has been admitted to the hospital. Last weekend was hell on eath, for her, but also for the rest of us.
Last week it seemed that she was doing better everyday, but on Thursday her left foot started to hurt, big time. Up to a point where she couldn't bear anything touching it.
On Friday it seemed to be okay, more or less, but late afternoon she was back to the state of two weeks back. Pain, pain and yet more pain. After consulting our docter we decided to switch back to morphine. Things brightened up at that point and we refrained from morphine for the time being.
Saturday night the pain was back to a level where we decided to open up the bottle of morphine and hope that things would be better. They weren't.
Sunday I had arranged a day of Power Boating with Mark and Ashley on Ameland. So I was away for the full day. We had a great time, and I can recommend it to anybody who loves rollercoasters. This was so much more fun. Until I got a call from Olcay's mother urging me to get back, she was again in a lot of pain. That night was hell on earth and Monday morning our docter arranged for an ambulance and she was admitted to the hospital.
She's now on morphine again, 3 times as much of the dose I administered and it seems to help just enough to make the pain and therefore life bearable again. In the meantime they keep a close watch on the baby, which is doing great. Still, literally, alive and kicking.

Jay is now really sensing the seriousness of the whole situation now that mummy is not even at home. It's terrible to see him this way, asking for mummy pointing upstairs. It was tough on him while she was upstairs all the time, but now she's not even there any more. He misses Olcay big time. So do we all. But for me it's great to see her the way she is right now, compared to last weekend.

So what positive happened lately besides the powerboating? To be honest? I haven't got a clue. At the moment I'm just happy to be surviving and seeming to have enough energy to be there for Jay. Thankfully Olcay's parents are around, they're a big help. And next week my parents'll take care of Jay for a few days, which will do him a lot of good. He'll be at a place where he's used to not have Olcay and me around. I think that is going to be helpfull for him. We're gonna miss him, but this is for the best.


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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Things look good, relatively speaking

It's Sunday and we had a pretty good night last night. Jay slept almost through the night, unfortunately for him, the clock was set back for an hour so it was still 6 in the morning when he woke up.
I think everybody here slept okay, which is good. Olcay is doing okay, but is still in quite some pain.


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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lumbago is the party-pooper


It's been a tough week this week. Monday started out great, and work was fine as well. You've read about last weekend in Rotterdam.
Then the bad stuff started. The night from Monday to Tuesday Jay woke up at around 445 AM and Olcay brought him his pacifier. While putting him back to bed, she got a really bad case of Lumbago, and the excruciating pain started. She couldn't move and was stuck between Jay's bed and the chair. I was barely able to get her onto the chair since every move she made was accompanied with so much pain, you just can't imagine. All this time, Jay was really great. He some way understood that something terrible was going on and was just lying there in his bed, quietly. After Olcay was back to bad, crying of pain, Jay didn't want to be left alone, so I took him with us, and he stayed at my side of the back all night, which is very uncommon. Typically he moves to Olcay's side and starts playing with her face (stomping on and pulling at her nose etc).
Tuesday was really bad. I didn't go to work. Fortunately Jay was at the day-care, and didn't have to see his mom like the way she was. In pain all the time. The only bearable position she could lie in was on her stomach. The paracetamol was not really the pain relief it should be and since she's pregnant, it was the only medicine she was allowed to take.
Tuesday afternoon the doctor came by and she was doing fairly well, compared to that morning. He'd heard her cry thru the phone while I was calling him. He knew how bad it was and if things would stay that way, or got even worse we should call again and he would prescribe some morphine. Wednesday it was this bad, and we called the doctor again. Late in the afternoon the prescription was ready and she had some tiny dose. After that there was some pain relief and she could get some sleep. Thursday she could move a bit and turn onto her back. Now do mind, that she'd been lying more or less in the same position for over 48 hrs.
Thankfully my in-laws came over on Wednesday and took care of Jay and helped me with Olcay, making sure I could at least get some sleep at night. Wednesday night my parents came over which was great. It was a great mental help having them around for just a little while.
Things are getting better now, but still aren't great. Yesterday the doctor visited again, and Olcay has to stay of the morphine. It's just not good for the baby.
All the time Jay was really the one that cheered us up big time. He was giving Olcay kisses and small pads on her back. He just knows that something bad is going on and he knows he has to be careful around his mother at this time.

On a more positive note, yesterday Jay and I attended Olaf and Desiree's wedding. Olaf is my youngest brother and the last of the three of us to get married. It was a great day. I was driving them so witnessed most of it from close by. Jay was during that time with my parents. He was great. Fairly quiet during the ceremony and really great during the party at night. He was up all night and didn't get cranky or whatever. We had a great party and everybody was really feeling bad Olcay wasn't there. She was supposed to be the MC of the night, but we now all know why that didn't happen.


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Monday, October 23, 2006

How to spend a weekend to make it a great weekend


Back from an incredible weekend. Yesterday was our 4th aniversary and since it's an even number, it was Olcay's turn to set up the surprise. And some surprise it was.
Let's recap the weekend. Friday we had our second-opinion for the sonograph, and as it turned out, one of the kidneys of the baby is healthy and working properly. Which is GREAT. So that was good news, and after a quick stop at the AMC in Amsterdam, where we had some blood samples taken, we took Jay to my parents and left him there. By the way, he had a great weekend at his grandparents.
We then took of to what eventually turned out to be Rotterdam without any significant traffic jams, and the navigator took us to 'Stroom', a designer hotel which is in one word 'Absolutely fabulous'. We were going to stay in one of the Vide Studio, a two level room. The whole room was one big designer-statement. Really extremely cool. Friday night we watched 'Lucky Number Slevin'. We took that DVD with us, and played it on the beamer. Yup, this is a hotel where they've got beamers installed in your room. By the way, its a great movie.
Saturday we spend most of the day in Rotterdam downtown, looking for some boots for Olcay, she 'needed' a new pair for Olaf's wedding. The evening was spend watching 'Syriana'. Interesting plot, well acted, good fun to watch.
Sunday we had breakfast in bed, while watching Discovery Channel, some show on Oceans and the fish living in them. Good fun and as it would turn out, we were going to Blijdorp, Rotterdam Zoo, and saw a lot of fish that all of a sudden looked very familiar.
Last night we had dinner at 'De Bokkedoors', a very chique restaurant in Overveen (neer Zandvoort) which appearantly has two Michelin stars. Well all I can say is that we had a great dinner. Most notable of that dinner, besides being with Olcay, was the tea she had. It was some flower that she had to put in the hot water and would then bloom. The tea was lovely, the sight awesome.
And finally, Jay slept through the night and woke up at 6 in the morning. Thanks Jay, that made our weekend truely perfect.

So that's for my weekend. Full of surprise.


Today's cookie: Even When Something Is Inevitable, It Is Still Unknown If You Will See It Happen.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thank god for foggy eyes in the morning. Why? Because the misses thought it was 6 o'clock while it was 5 o'clock. She took care of Jay, allowing me another 45 minutes of sleep, which turned out to be an hour and 45 minutes :) But then again, her new way of calming down Jay when he wakes up, a cheerfull "Go back to sleep Jay!" somewhere in the middle of the night is not helping to get a nights worth of sleep either.

Traffic was good this morning, didn't have to slow down to a crawl that often. Maybe the police car waiting to ticket somebody at the intersection of the A1 and A6 had something to do with it. I don't know. Anyhow, it took me slightly over 30 minutes, which is a respectable time.

Have a great day,

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Good morning. It's 836 in Amsterdam and it has been a great night... NOT. Jay's been keeping us awake all night. It started somewhere around 345 and around 430 he seemed to be asleep again. That was when I thought "Hmmm, 2 hours of sleep left", but 5 minutes later he proved me wrong. At 530 I gave up being hopefull of more sleep and just tried to sleep. Now I'm still wondering what was going on.
On the bright side, he woke me up with a kiss at 630. After all he's a great kid and seeing his smile in the morning makes up for a lot of the night. I just hope that tomorrow morning there is nothing for him to make up to.


Today's cookie: Sometimes Not Sleeping Does Not Mean You Are Awake

Monday, October 16, 2006

The weekend is over, its Monday. How the weekend was? Not very eventfull. Worst of all is that Jay's still not completely recovered from the flu. Saturday his temperature was at 39.7 Celsius, which for all you Fahrenheit people is too high, but not extreme. Altough it seemed that he was doing fine, earlier that day, good night of rest. But in the evening we had a great time together carpenting. Yup, it was a father-son experience of the best kind and we built a Lego-crate. 80x40x30 cm big, and plenty of room left for more Lego. It was great to see him march around and trying to handle the power-screwdriver. It didn't take him long to understand how it's operated.

Saturday night was a night of Sticktailing and quite some progress was made. IFF (Identified: Friend or Foe) is coming along just nicely. But as usual when developing is going smoothly, time moves on swiftly.

Yesterday was a day of relaxing and playing with Jay. Great fun as you may expect. He was still not 100% and still isn't. The night started off horrible with Jay waking up every 10 minutes looking for a familiair face. At last we took him with us in bed and that was an improvement, at least for me. Thankfully I'm blessed with a wonderfull sleep.

That's my weekend for you, as I said, not very eventfull. Oh before I forget, I had a traumatic experience, but I don't want to detail about that too much. I don't want to spoil this blog with such horrors, try 'The Fingers' instead. It's less horrific.


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Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday, end of the week. Although this week has been a short week workwise.

Last Wednesday has been a tough day. Jay was and still is ill. Probably the flu or something. He's running a fever, but fortunately the Paracetamol is doing miracles. Still it is very sad to see him like this, especially when the medicine is not kicking in yet.
Another reason why Wednesday was tough is because we went to the hospital to get a sonograph of our baby. The level of protein found during the amniocentesis was a bit high and had to be investigated further. On the sonograph we saw that one of the baby's kidneys has not developed properly, and initially the doctor thought that both kidneys were suffering from this. That was some devastating news, it would mean dialysis right from the moment it would be born. Later on, after more than an hour of looking and checking the other kidney was diagnosed healthy and working properly. We were so relieved, I can tell you that much.

After the sonograph I went to the NLJUG's J-Fall. Fortunately I was arrived right before lunch, so no standing in line here and food a plenty. It was a great and interesting day. You can read more on my NetBeans related blog 'The NetBeans Experience'.

Yesterday was daddy's day. Usually Jay and I go for a swim in the morning and have some good time together in the afternoon. Lately Olcay's not working on Thursdays, so we spend the afternoons as a family. But yesterday was different in that Jay was ill, and Olcay had to go to work. But still Jay and I had a great day, thanks to the Paracetamol. I had a business conference call in the morning, while Jay was asleep. The afternoon was just son-and-dad. Playing with Lego, his cars and just having fun together. He's the best.

So that is about it. Don't forget to also read a new episode of 'The Fingers' that I'll publish in a few minutes.

Enjoy your day,

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hi all,

(There will be a baby-spoiler at the end of this blog)

I'm back from my trip to Chicago. I had a great time meeting my friends again. It had been over 2 years since the last time we met. I had a great time, thanks guys. The flight to the US was uneventfull, although the United Airlines provided headset sucked big time. The movies were okay, but not really enjoyable since the sound was 'one ear only', thankfully I had a good book (Splinter Cell - Operation Baracuda) and for a big part I slept thru the flight. I flew via Dulles (Washington DC) and it was there where I learned that I needed to place all fluids in a basket. I was halfway there in that I put it all in a Ziplock.

So what did I do? For one we went to see some movies; The Guardian, the first Kevin Costner movie I really liked since No way out. It's about the US Coast Guard. We also went to see The Departed the latest Scorcese movie staring Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert de Niro. This is a great movie, you should go see it. Interestingly enough, everytime I'm in Chicago I see a movie staring Matt Damon. Saturday we went to see School for Scoundrels which is a comedy and we had quite a few laughs. All three movies are worth seeing.
Besides going to the movies, we went shopping. Big time. Those outlets are great, but downtown Chicago has some great stores as well. For example the Lego store is excellent, you can buy lego by the bucket. Borders made some money on me as well, I got some books from there and enjoyed an Espresso dopio. I had to shop for an additional bag since I bought more than anticipated.


Today's cookie: An Untold Story Is A Story Unheard Of.

Baby-spoiler: I was right all the time, Jay will have a little brother.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another day in blogosphere.

Things are happening these days. To start of with the hottest news from the press: The Fingers went back online again. The story will be told at: The Fingers, the place where I will be publishing my Psycho Thriller novel.

Yesterday Olcay and I expected a call from the AMC Amsterdam regarding the amniocentesis Olcay had 3 weeks ago. We're anxious to find out whether Jay's going to have a little brother (my money is on this result) or a sister (Olcay's money is on that result). And more importantly, the reason we had the amniocentesis is that we'll find out if everything is okay with the fetus. As you may have guessed, we didn't get that call.

Then there is yesterday, we had an online conference using Skype. We in this case are the partners of jForay, a new partnership of free minds that roam the IT universe. Seriously, about 9 months ago, Marcel, Ezra, Frank and myself started thinking about joining forces. At that time we were all independent contractors and had to deal with a lot of hassle with the Dutch tax agency, the UWV, and agencies. We started talking with people from Accon about what we could do best to circumvent the various pitfalls and traps a contractor in Holland faces these days. These talks resulted in setting up jForay, a partnership of the 4 of us. We meet online using Skype every 2 weeks and yesterday was one of those meetings.
Probably the most important subject of discussion was the fact that the final partnership contract was received by me and is now to be signed by all partners. Probably the most discussed about subject was setting up the email server. Everybody started sending out there IP addresses to Marcel to configure the firewall, Marcel was sending out URLs to configure Outlook and he spammed me with MX records. Yesterday at this very time I didn't have a clue what an MX record is, now I have some clue.

That's about it for today.


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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So this is my second blog, not the daily routine that I envisioned it to be... yet. But I'll try to better myself.

So what's going on? Well for one, traffic's been a killer today and yesterday. Guess the rainy season has started and people are all confused about it. I just hope it'll be better soon. Anyway, I'll be flying to Chicago in two days, so that's going to be fun. It has been a long time since I went there, visiting friends.

Nothing more for today, maybe tomorrow it'll be more interesting to read this blog.


Today's cookie: Knowing What Is Right Means Nothing When You Are Not Doing What Is Right.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yes, I'm blogging as well

So this is my first step into the world of blogging. It is always hard to start something like this, especially when you're actually thinking that this will be more or less a daily thing. So why don't I start with telling a bit about myself.

Well I'm Iwan and live in the Netherlands, so that is where the words will come from. I'm married to the loveliest wife in the world, and we have a great son, Jay. Another kid is on its way. I'm betting its going to be another son, but my wife wants it to be a daughter... I'll let you know, once we know.
I'm self employed, actually I'm one of the two directors of IT Titans BV, a privately owned company. We're in IT and I contract as Enterprise Application and Integration Architect and IT Architecture auditor. Currently my business partner and I are setting up a partnership with two other privately held companies called jForay. That should be finalized 1st of October. And then there is more, I'm working with 3 friends on setting up a games company that specializes in developing games for mobile phones. The company is called Sticktail Games and hopefully we're publishing our 1st three games soon on our website. These won't be state of the art games, but mere study-projects.
Anyway, that is more or less who I am in a nuttshel... which for now also means the end of this blog entry.

Hope to see you back real soon.