Friday, December 22, 2006

It's been a while, but no news is good news...

Yes, it has been a while since my last blog. I just checked and that was last month. Weird how fast time goes by. To be honest, I consider myself fortunate with this realization since it means that Olcay's progress in getting rid of that hernia was not very eventful. And it was, well somehow. Her progress has been very eventful especially in the last week. She's now walking more and more, and since yesterday she's cutting down on the morphine.
Yesterday we went to the neurologist and everything was really good under the circumstances. Two weeks earlier we were at the hospital for a check-up on the baby and everything was really fine with it. That day she had to be taken by ambulance, yesterday we went by car. Our own car. I was driving... cautiously. So yes, things are getting better by the day.

So what else happened? Not too much. Sinterklaas obviously, the Dutch version of Santa Clause, and I've been told that Santa Clause is actually Sinterklaas, but since the English couldn't pronounce Sinterklaas, they turned it into Santa Clause and relocated him to the North Pole although he was living in Spain, where he migrated to from Turkey. Kind of cruel to relocate somebody from hot Spain to cold North Pole, but in those days people were cruel. And probably since the travel from the North Pole to everywhere takes more time he hands out gifts around X-mas instead of December 5th.
Anyway, gift season has started, lovely tradition, and coming weekend is X-mas time, meaning more gifts... more hapiness.


Today's cookie: A Story Untold Is Probably Not Worth Hearing

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