Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Long time no blog

Last time I blogged is already 3 weeks ago, well almost. And in these last couple of weeks, Olcay got rid of the morphine all together and we're on half the dose of Paracetamol. So that's all good news. Although the hernia is still there but the 'pain' is bearable... In the meantime we've seen the gynecologist and the neurologist and both were happy to see that she's walking by herself again. Mind that the time before she was rolled in with a wheelchair and taken to the hospital by ambulance.
Update on the baby; it is doing great. Thursday we're seeing the gynecologist again, that's more regularly now. The baby's kidney is doing relatively well also. One good thing about getting rid of the morphine is of course that the baby doesn't have to go into detox. That's taken care of in the womb, meaning that all related complications during its birth have more or less vanished.

Jay's doing good also. Since a couple of weeks he's sleeping in his new bed and that went great. Lately he comes out of bed himself and sneaks into our bedroom asking for us because he wants to sleep in our bed. That's really a great experience, and typically he sleeps until 730 AM. When he wakes up at night he needs a diaper change and I take him to his own bed again and he falls asleep until 7 AM or so.
He's talking more and more and really tries to find out what his place in the picking order around the house is. Unfortunately for him, he's still at the bottom of the food chain.

I guess that's about it for this time. I'll try to blog more often, blogging should be like eating; Often little bits is better than incidentally a lot.


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