Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Movie Review: Bordertown

Two weeks ago I saw the movie 'Bordertown' staring Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas.
The movie is about a journalist (Lopez) who is covering a series of rapes/murders in the Mexican border town Juarez. (Movie Trivia: The dice in Ocean's 13 are produced in Juarez.)
Local news paper publisher Banderas is helping here with the story, which becomes her biggest story ever. Meanwhile J'Lo is also trying to uncover the serial rapist/murderer and starts a romance with one of the local industrialists.

I saw the movie in the sneakpreview, otherwise I would probably never see this movie as it doesn't appeal to me. Not seeing the movie would've been a waste, as this is a nice and interesting story and both main characters are well acted.
This is not a movie for the big screen and I can very well envision you seeing the movie at home on DVD.


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