Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Movie review: The Great Wall IMAX 3D

Last Saturday I went to the Pathe Arena in Amsterdam. For those of you who don't know, it's a cineplex and they have an IMAX theater.
I went to see three movies, Split, The Great Wall IMAX 3D and Sleepless. In this post I will write a short review of The Great Wall IMAX 3D.

So The Great Wall, featuring among others Matt Damon is about an adventurer traveling with a band of fellow adventurers through medieval China, looking for gun powder, the black powder, which was in those days only a myth.
Our hero is good with bow and arrow and he's willing to show the Chinese that his mastery of this weapon is unrivaled.
Pretty soon in the movie we find out that there's a reason why the Great Wall was build by the Chinese. Okay, so in the movie's opening credits, they already tell us that the wall was build to keep out 'creatures' and we find out soon enough that this is true. Of course our protagonist elects to fight among the Chinese to fend off the critters and along the way gets to find out all about the mythical black powder.

So far for the story without spoilers. On with the review.

I can be short: The Great Wall is a good two hours of entertainment. See it in IMAX 3D and it'll be entertainment on a large scale. As far as the story goes, it's far from original. I would characterize it as a mediaval Independence Day. Up to the point that I think they swapped the laser guns with bow-and-arrows and that's about it. So no, the story is not original and far from impressive.
The special effects are pretty good, but I wasn't awe struck. Even the IMAX screen didn't blow me away.

All in all I would consider this a movie you should consider as your main attraction of entertainment on a night out. There's no dull moment during the 105 minutes as they were pretty action packed. No real annoying story quircks.

Overall verdict: Happy to have seen it, no reason to see it again. 3/5 stars

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