Thursday, July 13, 2017

Book review: Only the Truth by Adam Croft

Only the TruthOnly the Truth by Adam Croft
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The author is too pretentious and wanting too much to write something good, turning it into something bad. In the acknowledgement section at the back of the book he's referring to his bestseller. I feel that he tried too much to out-do himself and write something better, failing miserably at that effort.
I'm not really sure why people would give this book more than just 1 star. The story is way too far fetched, the characters behave way too artificial and the plot-twists are really bad and make no sense. There's too much happening that doesn't warrant the plot. The timeline is really not matching with the story and the money spend by the main characters and their worry about the money they have is really absolutely not accurate.
There's actually two stories in one book here. The main story and some background story of the main character and the stuff that happened in his childhood. That story was actually fairly well written and was interesting and didn't have any added value towards the main story.

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