Thursday, December 29, 2016

Book Review: Firewall, by Andy McNab

Firewall (Nick Stone, #3)Firewall by Andy McNab
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The fun part of the Nick Stone series is that the hero is not some sort of super special forces guy. He's fallible, human and has serious issues. I love the Seal Team Six No More books by Doug Murray, because the heroes die every now and then. But you know things will work out in the end. With the Nick Stone books all you know is that Nick will survive because there's another book in the Nick Stone series. That's all you know, for the rest the book stays wide open.
Furthermore, it is cleat that McNab is only writing what he knows about. There's no tech mumbo jumbo that makes no sense to the technical inclined reader. McNab knows about being in 'a drama' and how to get out of it. This part is significant because the story is about hi-tec computer stuff, and at no point McNab is pretending to understand that stuff, instead he makes it very clear he doesn't through Nick Stone. But he also makes it clear that this is irrelevant. It's a motive for the baddies in the story, but the details are left out, because they don't matter.

I can recommend this book to all of you that like thrillers about special forces fellas that are not super heroes.

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