Monday, December 19, 2016

Hello...? Hello...? HELLO! Are you still there?


It's been a while, like over 3 years, since I last posted on this blog. I thought it was time again to spend some time here instead of over at my IT Architecture and Strategy blog.

So don't expect too much this time around. Just some scene setting for you to put my posts back into context again.

This blog will be about me and my life in the Netherlands... and outside of the Netherlands, seen from a Dutch point of view. And rest assured, it doesn't mean that it will be about how somebody stoned like a donkey, wearing wooden shoes to the brothel is looking at whatever he sees.

So, me. Yeah well. Still got a wife, same one as before, and two kids, also the same. Although they're all a bit older than 3 years ago. And I live in the Netherlands, still. So no Walking like an Egyptian. I've been traveling around the globe for business as well as pleasure. And was connected to two startups in the past couple of years. One being Only Once BV and the other being dopay.

Still love to visit the movies and to play games on one of my Xboxes. Also still enjoying some TV series and reading a lot for somebody with slightly over 24 hours in a day. Oh yeah, I started assisting with science lessons in two groups with gifted children to make their days in school just a bit more interesting than usual.

And that my dear reader is about all for this time and I hope that I will be able to publish a new post in the really near future.

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