Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another day in blogosphere.

Things are happening these days. To start of with the hottest news from the press: The Fingers went back online again. The story will be told at: The Fingers, the place where I will be publishing my Psycho Thriller novel.

Yesterday Olcay and I expected a call from the AMC Amsterdam regarding the amniocentesis Olcay had 3 weeks ago. We're anxious to find out whether Jay's going to have a little brother (my money is on this result) or a sister (Olcay's money is on that result). And more importantly, the reason we had the amniocentesis is that we'll find out if everything is okay with the fetus. As you may have guessed, we didn't get that call.

Then there is yesterday, we had an online conference using Skype. We in this case are the partners of jForay, a new partnership of free minds that roam the IT universe. Seriously, about 9 months ago, Marcel, Ezra, Frank and myself started thinking about joining forces. At that time we were all independent contractors and had to deal with a lot of hassle with the Dutch tax agency, the UWV, and agencies. We started talking with people from Accon about what we could do best to circumvent the various pitfalls and traps a contractor in Holland faces these days. These talks resulted in setting up jForay, a partnership of the 4 of us. We meet online using Skype every 2 weeks and yesterday was one of those meetings.
Probably the most important subject of discussion was the fact that the final partnership contract was received by me and is now to be signed by all partners. Probably the most discussed about subject was setting up the email server. Everybody started sending out there IP addresses to Marcel to configure the firewall, Marcel was sending out URLs to configure Outlook and he spammed me with MX records. Yesterday at this very time I didn't have a clue what an MX record is, now I have some clue.

That's about it for today.


Today's cookie: A Solved Mysterie Is Not A Mysterie At All

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