Monday, October 23, 2006

How to spend a weekend to make it a great weekend


Back from an incredible weekend. Yesterday was our 4th aniversary and since it's an even number, it was Olcay's turn to set up the surprise. And some surprise it was.
Let's recap the weekend. Friday we had our second-opinion for the sonograph, and as it turned out, one of the kidneys of the baby is healthy and working properly. Which is GREAT. So that was good news, and after a quick stop at the AMC in Amsterdam, where we had some blood samples taken, we took Jay to my parents and left him there. By the way, he had a great weekend at his grandparents.
We then took of to what eventually turned out to be Rotterdam without any significant traffic jams, and the navigator took us to 'Stroom', a designer hotel which is in one word 'Absolutely fabulous'. We were going to stay in one of the Vide Studio, a two level room. The whole room was one big designer-statement. Really extremely cool. Friday night we watched 'Lucky Number Slevin'. We took that DVD with us, and played it on the beamer. Yup, this is a hotel where they've got beamers installed in your room. By the way, its a great movie.
Saturday we spend most of the day in Rotterdam downtown, looking for some boots for Olcay, she 'needed' a new pair for Olaf's wedding. The evening was spend watching 'Syriana'. Interesting plot, well acted, good fun to watch.
Sunday we had breakfast in bed, while watching Discovery Channel, some show on Oceans and the fish living in them. Good fun and as it would turn out, we were going to Blijdorp, Rotterdam Zoo, and saw a lot of fish that all of a sudden looked very familiar.
Last night we had dinner at 'De Bokkedoors', a very chique restaurant in Overveen (neer Zandvoort) which appearantly has two Michelin stars. Well all I can say is that we had a great dinner. Most notable of that dinner, besides being with Olcay, was the tea she had. It was some flower that she had to put in the hot water and would then bloom. The tea was lovely, the sight awesome.
And finally, Jay slept through the night and woke up at 6 in the morning. Thanks Jay, that made our weekend truely perfect.

So that's for my weekend. Full of surprise.


Today's cookie: Even When Something Is Inevitable, It Is Still Unknown If You Will See It Happen.

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