Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hi all,

(There will be a baby-spoiler at the end of this blog)

I'm back from my trip to Chicago. I had a great time meeting my friends again. It had been over 2 years since the last time we met. I had a great time, thanks guys. The flight to the US was uneventfull, although the United Airlines provided headset sucked big time. The movies were okay, but not really enjoyable since the sound was 'one ear only', thankfully I had a good book (Splinter Cell - Operation Baracuda) and for a big part I slept thru the flight. I flew via Dulles (Washington DC) and it was there where I learned that I needed to place all fluids in a basket. I was halfway there in that I put it all in a Ziplock.

So what did I do? For one we went to see some movies; The Guardian, the first Kevin Costner movie I really liked since No way out. It's about the US Coast Guard. We also went to see The Departed the latest Scorcese movie staring Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert de Niro. This is a great movie, you should go see it. Interestingly enough, everytime I'm in Chicago I see a movie staring Matt Damon. Saturday we went to see School for Scoundrels which is a comedy and we had quite a few laughs. All three movies are worth seeing.
Besides going to the movies, we went shopping. Big time. Those outlets are great, but downtown Chicago has some great stores as well. For example the Lego store is excellent, you can buy lego by the bucket. Borders made some money on me as well, I got some books from there and enjoyed an Espresso dopio. I had to shop for an additional bag since I bought more than anticipated.


Today's cookie: An Untold Story Is A Story Unheard Of.

Baby-spoiler: I was right all the time, Jay will have a little brother.

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