Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday, end of the week. Although this week has been a short week workwise.

Last Wednesday has been a tough day. Jay was and still is ill. Probably the flu or something. He's running a fever, but fortunately the Paracetamol is doing miracles. Still it is very sad to see him like this, especially when the medicine is not kicking in yet.
Another reason why Wednesday was tough is because we went to the hospital to get a sonograph of our baby. The level of protein found during the amniocentesis was a bit high and had to be investigated further. On the sonograph we saw that one of the baby's kidneys has not developed properly, and initially the doctor thought that both kidneys were suffering from this. That was some devastating news, it would mean dialysis right from the moment it would be born. Later on, after more than an hour of looking and checking the other kidney was diagnosed healthy and working properly. We were so relieved, I can tell you that much.

After the sonograph I went to the NLJUG's J-Fall. Fortunately I was arrived right before lunch, so no standing in line here and food a plenty. It was a great and interesting day. You can read more on my NetBeans related blog 'The NetBeans Experience'.

Yesterday was daddy's day. Usually Jay and I go for a swim in the morning and have some good time together in the afternoon. Lately Olcay's not working on Thursdays, so we spend the afternoons as a family. But yesterday was different in that Jay was ill, and Olcay had to go to work. But still Jay and I had a great day, thanks to the Paracetamol. I had a business conference call in the morning, while Jay was asleep. The afternoon was just son-and-dad. Playing with Lego, his cars and just having fun together. He's the best.

So that is about it. Don't forget to also read a new episode of 'The Fingers' that I'll publish in a few minutes.

Enjoy your day,

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