Monday, October 16, 2006

The weekend is over, its Monday. How the weekend was? Not very eventfull. Worst of all is that Jay's still not completely recovered from the flu. Saturday his temperature was at 39.7 Celsius, which for all you Fahrenheit people is too high, but not extreme. Altough it seemed that he was doing fine, earlier that day, good night of rest. But in the evening we had a great time together carpenting. Yup, it was a father-son experience of the best kind and we built a Lego-crate. 80x40x30 cm big, and plenty of room left for more Lego. It was great to see him march around and trying to handle the power-screwdriver. It didn't take him long to understand how it's operated.

Saturday night was a night of Sticktailing and quite some progress was made. IFF (Identified: Friend or Foe) is coming along just nicely. But as usual when developing is going smoothly, time moves on swiftly.

Yesterday was a day of relaxing and playing with Jay. Great fun as you may expect. He was still not 100% and still isn't. The night started off horrible with Jay waking up every 10 minutes looking for a familiair face. At last we took him with us in bed and that was an improvement, at least for me. Thankfully I'm blessed with a wonderfull sleep.

That's my weekend for you, as I said, not very eventfull. Oh before I forget, I had a traumatic experience, but I don't want to detail about that too much. I don't want to spoil this blog with such horrors, try 'The Fingers' instead. It's less horrific.


Today's cookie: True Believers Never Need Proof

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Anonymous said...

Jay's temperature was not 39.1 Celsius but worse. It was 39.7 Celsius.