Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday is daddy-day, especially nowadays


Today I spend the whole day with Jay, I left him for my in-laws to be taken to bed, while I was with Olcay in the hospital. She'd had a bad night last night, but tonight was good again.
Coming Monday 14:30 (or 13:30) the MRI is planned, so about a week later we should know more details regarding what the heck is actually going on. Considering that there was only a regular opening at November 29th for the MRI, this is a case of good luck. And on that note, the baby is doing well. Growing as can be expected for a 24 week baby, so that was great to hear. Things seem to be progressing, although I have to add that about a week ago, we were in that same state of mind.
Jay is doing better, still missing his mommy big time, but he's the cheerful little guy we all know and love. We had a great time at the swimming pool today, although he didn't want to join the class. Clung to me every second while we were trying to do the little dances and singing. But after we left the class and started playing around ourselves, it was great. He can now 'dive' into the water. And loves it when I throw him away. This afternoon we went for a bicycle-ride for about 2 hours and after that I prepared dinner. Which he didn't eat. I guess he's gotten used to the Turkish food Olcay's mother prepared for the last couple of weeks.
It's just great to see and hear him laugh again.

That's it for today.


Today's cookie: You Can Think Things Are Bad, But They Only Are When You Know They Are Bad

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