Monday, November 13, 2006

A light at the end of the tunnel? Guess I still have a long way to go :(

Things are not getting really brighter in my family. As you know Olcay is in the hospital for about a week now, and since yesterday they've increased the dose of morphine as she's still in a lot of pain and still didn't get a really good night of sleep. This is truly mind-killing. Since 3 weeks she didn't get a full night of sleep, which is bad, really bad, considering the fact that she needs at least 8 hours and now with the pregnancy 10 hours of sleep a night.
Today she got here MRI, which introduced her to the feeling of claustrophobia. I saw once on a TV show that many people that have an MRI get claustrophobic inside the scanner. I can't imagine how that feels, but Olcay was scared big time. Tomorrow we should get the results, and quite possibly it is going to be the case that she's going to get operated. I'm not sure whether or not to be thrilled, but as long as she's going to be okay after that, and the baby is doing fine, I guess I'm okay with it.
For you to know; the baby is doing great. His big brother on the other hand is ill. Running a fever of 39.3 Celcius he's not doing too well. Thankfully the Paracetamol I'm giving him is doing a great job, and he's getting also some nasal-drops. Hopefully he'll be okay soon. Seeing him like this (when the Paracetamol didn't kick in yet) is sooo bad. He's always such a happy little fella and now he just sits with you on the couch watching TV. Trying desparately to keep his eyes open.
Tomorrow my parents will pick him up and he'll spend some nights at their place. Hopefully that will also take his mind of mommy, who he still misses a lot. He asks for her at least once every minute, and it pains me to have to repeat that she's not here, but in the hospital. He just doesn't understand.

So how about me? Well I'm recharging. The in-laws are back since yesterday night, to take care of Jay, while I'm at work. Having them around helps a lot getting some relaxation-time. But I think I'm on 70% recharge now, and it won't be a lot more the next few weeks.
Interestingly enough, I realized tonight how much time people are wasting sleeping. Nowadays I go to bed at around 10:30 PM, not uncommon for many of you, but I'm loosing out on at least 2 and a half hours a day.


Today's cookie: Every Minute Can Only Be Lived Once, You Better Not Sleep Through It

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