Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Olcay's admitted to the hospital, things are rough at the moment

It has been a while since my last couple of words from the Netherlands. A lot has happened. Most importantly and with a shitload of impact on our family life is the fact that Olcay has been admitted to the hospital. Last weekend was hell on eath, for her, but also for the rest of us.
Last week it seemed that she was doing better everyday, but on Thursday her left foot started to hurt, big time. Up to a point where she couldn't bear anything touching it.
On Friday it seemed to be okay, more or less, but late afternoon she was back to the state of two weeks back. Pain, pain and yet more pain. After consulting our docter we decided to switch back to morphine. Things brightened up at that point and we refrained from morphine for the time being.
Saturday night the pain was back to a level where we decided to open up the bottle of morphine and hope that things would be better. They weren't.
Sunday I had arranged a day of Power Boating with Mark and Ashley on Ameland. So I was away for the full day. We had a great time, and I can recommend it to anybody who loves rollercoasters. This was so much more fun. Until I got a call from Olcay's mother urging me to get back, she was again in a lot of pain. That night was hell on earth and Monday morning our docter arranged for an ambulance and she was admitted to the hospital.
She's now on morphine again, 3 times as much of the dose I administered and it seems to help just enough to make the pain and therefore life bearable again. In the meantime they keep a close watch on the baby, which is doing great. Still, literally, alive and kicking.

Jay is now really sensing the seriousness of the whole situation now that mummy is not even at home. It's terrible to see him this way, asking for mummy pointing upstairs. It was tough on him while she was upstairs all the time, but now she's not even there any more. He misses Olcay big time. So do we all. But for me it's great to see her the way she is right now, compared to last weekend.

So what positive happened lately besides the powerboating? To be honest? I haven't got a clue. At the moment I'm just happy to be surviving and seeming to have enough energy to be there for Jay. Thankfully Olcay's parents are around, they're a big help. And next week my parents'll take care of Jay for a few days, which will do him a lot of good. He'll be at a place where he's used to not have Olcay and me around. I think that is going to be helpfull for him. We're gonna miss him, but this is for the best.


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