Monday, November 20, 2006

Let's stack all disappointments and reach for the moon

This weekend was supposed to be Olcay's last weekend in the hospital. It turned out to be something completely different.
Last Friday they started with a new treatment of her pain, using band aids. Initially the idea was that she would be home sometime this week. 'Home Care' was going to deliver a hospital bed. Even better, Friday late afternoon she was supposed to be home on Monday, so Home Care was called again and today they deliver all the goods. Meanwhile the morphine patches are not quite doing what everybody thought they would, so Olcay was in a great deal of pain Sunday night again. Yesterday morning she was back on morphine shots and she stays on them for the foreseeable future.
Something for the positive side of this blog. Jay's back home. He's had a great time at my parents, and he was really happy to see Olcay and me again, yesterday.

Something completely different: This weekend I received Gears of War for my Xbox 360, and gee, is this a great game. Looks really astonishing, sound's superb and the overall atmosphere is really gripping you at the throat. Interesting is the fact that it is a shooter, but you just can't barge in and start blamming away. Nope, you have to use tactics to survive. It's almost a crossover of Halo and Splinter Cell.


Today's cookie: If You Can't Have Fun, Find Something To Play With

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